Collaborating with Colleagues

September 12, 2016 | Mark Holzman

Quite often, companies in the same line of work view each other as competitors and seldom have much to do with each other. Such is not the case at National Video-Documentors. We prefer to view our fellow Chicago video production companies as colleagues…and for many reasons.

1) Shared Knowledge

Like any technology-based industry, the video production business changes rapidly. New cameras, lighting, audio and editing products are introduced almost daily. Knowing who is using what and how they like it will help with future equipment purchases, and talking to colleagues will facilitate that. Need a referral for a good audio tech? A colleague can facilitate that, too. Not happy with your insurance company and ready to make a switch? Guess who to call? You get the picture.

2) Shared Resources

Renting equipment is not unusual in the video production business, especially when things get busy. However, if you need something last minute and the rental houses are closed, who do you call? A colleague, of course. Quite often, you’ll get the gear you need at a very reasonable rate. With some colleagues, we do trade-outs (ie – we’ll provide this if you provide that). We often buy the same cameras that our colleagues own in order to have enough for multi-camera shoots. And if we’re ever in need of an extra camera operator, a colleague will usually fit the bill.

3) Referrals

As much as we hate turning down business, we sometimes do…particularly when the job is not a good fit. Knowing colleagues who specialize in particular areas (ie – steadicam operation, underwater videography, etc.) allows us to help a customer and colleague at the same time, while enhancing our relationship (and potential business) with both.

After 30+ years in the video production business, we have developed many close working relationships with our fellow Chicago video production companies. For us, it’s like one big family. We know who we enjoy working with. We know who is good at what. And by collaborating with colleagues, we will continue to elevate our production services, as well as those of the community at large.